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Ep. 40 – Kevin on Stephen King’s On Writing on Patrick

Kevin and Patrick are back to discuss the inspiring memoir/instruction manual, Stephen King’s On Writing.  Kevin just read this book and loved how excited it made him so much that he decided to ramble about it to Patrick for 45 minutes.

This podcast is all about the lessons learned from a prolific fiction writer, such as how to create a good story, develop honest characters, and avoid pretension.

If you’re a writer or even just an avid reader, check out Stephen King’s On Writing.

The song at the end is called “Hello There, Mr. President” from Kevin and Patrick’s new musical, Great Frontier: A Poorly Researched Musical About Lewis And Clark, as performed by our wonderful pianist, Chie Monoe, with Kevin Froleiks as Lewis, Patrick J. Reilly as Clark, and King Harrison as President Jefferson, at a sold out performance at the NY Theatre Festival this past July.

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