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Let’s Read Together – Ch. 28 – The LIVE Roast of Stephen King

Welcome to the first ever live episode of Let’s Read Together!

Can you believe it’s been one year since this podcast started?  To celebrate the first anniversary of Let’s Read Together I wanted to put together a live show!

Today’s episode was recorded live at Local 61 in Brooklyn.  We had “Stephen King” come in to get roasted by a bunch of different authors.

Here’s who we have on the dais:

Alexandre Dumas
Charles Bukowski
Chuck Palahniuk
Cormac McCarthy
Dan Brown
David Foster Wallace
Douglas Adams
Dr. Seuss
E.L. James
Edgar Allen Poe
Flannery O’Connor
Jeff Foxworthy
Joseph Heller
L Ron Hubbard
Langston Hughes
Orson Scott Card
R.L. Stine
Sylvia Plath

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