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Cards Against Humanity Game Night

A couple weeks ago Notion Films released this new sketch video that I wrote.  The sketch features me, Corey Nachman, Will Carey, and Patrick J. Reilly playing a game of Cards Against Humanity.  Or at least we try to play, until Patrick ruins everything.

This was a really fun video to shoot.  The last couple of sketches we’ve done, The Problem with Slasher Movies and Good Cop Sad Cop, were much more complicated.  Lots of intricate shots, action, multiple locations.  They both took an incredibly long time to film and edit.  This sketch, however, was just the 4 of us sitting on a couch playing Cards Against Humanity and getting angry at our friend, Patrick.  Honestly, that probably would have happened anyway on a Saturday night.

This was also the quickest video we’ve ever put together.  I think I wrote it on a Thursday and we shot it on the following Saturday.  Normally I take more than 2 days to rewrite my scripts, but I was on a bit of a time crunch with Thanksgiving coming up and needing to travel back home to New Hampshire.  But the feedback on this video has been very positive, so I guess we pulled it off.

Also, for those of you who have been following my various projects, you may notice a callback to one of my other sketches.  If you remember back in July, Notion Films released another sketch that I wrote called Mom Spit: A New Alternative to Obamacare.  Well if you pay close attention, you may notice a certain miracle first aid product in the background.

cahmomspitThanks for watching!  Subscribe to Notion Films on YouTube and stay tuned for new videos every month!


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