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Check out my new sketch video, Good Cop Sad Cop!

Earlier this week, Notion Films released a brand new sketch video that I wrote called Good Cop Sad Cop!  The sketch stars Jarrid Reed and I as a couple of tough police officers.  We bring in a tight-lipped criminal, played by John Field, for questioning.  Our goal is to get this guy to give up the name of the ring leader behind several crimes that have plagued the community lately.  When the classic “good cop bad cop” routine doesn’t work, we switch to some more interesting interrogation tactics.

I’m incredibly happy with how this sketch came out!  I think John, Jarrid, and I worked really well together and made this feel real.  The video also looks amazing!  Lisa Romagnoli, of Notion Films, made this video look legitimate.  We filmed this in an empty studio room but Lisa made it look like a dark interrogation room that you would see in a cop movie.  The lighting is what makes it, for sure.  I don’t think I’ve ever looked as cool as I do in this sketch. and it’s all thanks to the lighting.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 11.29.53 PMT

This video also features the voice of Jaqi Furback.  We needed someone to come in just to record about 90 seconds worth of husbands and wives arguing, and Jaqi knocked it out of the park!  We had to do a couple of takes because I had a hard time not laughing while she read the lines.  I’m working on a lot of new sketches and I hope that I can get Jaqi to be in another video as more than just a voice on tape.  For now, you can see Jaqi as an Animal Rights Activist in this Temple Horses sketch about White Male Privilege (which I had nothing to do with, I just really love it).

So that’s that!  Thanks for watching and sharing Good Cop Sad Cop.  I’m looking forward to making more videos in the coming weeks.  I used to do sketch comedy back in college, but I really stopped doing it once I got into stand up.  It feels really great to be back in sketch writing mode.  I forgot how much I love it.

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