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The Problem with Slasher Movies

Happy Halloween, everyone!

It is 5:43am and I am awake.  In a couple hours I will be on a plane to Vermont so I can enjoy a New England Halloween dressed as Birdman.

No, not this Birdman:

This Birdman:

Anyways, before I go I want to let you know about my new sketch video. It’s a horror movie parody called, The Problem with Slasher Movies.

The premise is this:

Slasher movies need to have rules so that we understand why the bad guy is supposed to be scary. Seems simple enough, right? But the more sequels they make, the more ridiculous those rules get. This is the problem with slasher movies.

I wrote this sketch and play the Nerd character.  I was lucky enough to get my friends, Kevin Cotter, Ben Phelps, Serena Nelson, and Taylor Becerra to meet up with me in the woods of New Hampshire to shoot this.  Once again, Lisa Romagnoli of Notion Films did the filming and editing of this one.

We had a lot of fun filming this in the woods of New Hampshire.  I hope you enjoy and it and share it with all of your friends this Halloween.  We have a lot of new sketches in the works, so please subscribe to Notion Films.

Also, while I have your attention, I just released a special Halloween episode of my podcast, Let’s Read Together!  I invited my friend, Ben Wasserman, over to review three books that neither of us have ever actually read.  Since this is Halloween, he reviewed each book in character (which is the audio equivalent of wearing a costume).  Give it a listen, we make up the plot for Frankenstein, Dracula, and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.


Click here to go to the podcast episode!

Thanks for watching and listening!  Enjoy your Halloween!

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